syslog-receive versions

syslog-receive versions

Version 0.9.0

  1. Initial release
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    • syslog-receive examples

      Collect syslog over UDP port 10514  syslog-receive --port 10514 Collect syslog over TCP on the IPv6 loopback interface syslog-receive --proto TCP --intf ::1 Dump only collected syslog messages in hex format syslog-receive --no-from --hex --log-lvl 6 ...
    • syslog-receive options

      Usage: syslog-receive [options] General syslog options: --proto arg (=UDP) Supported syslog protocols: UDP, TCP, TLS --intf arg (= Local interface to bind: IPv4/IPv6 address --port n (=514) Port to listen (1-65535) --max-len n (=2048) Maximum ...