How to open a syslog storage backup

How to open a syslog storage backup

What is a backup of the syslog storage?

A backup is a full copy of the syslog storage copy. It has the same structure as the storage and can be opened with Syslog Watcher Manager. Each backup is a folder with *.bank (sometimes *.bank-journal) files:, etc.
If the files have .bank.bak extension, you need to rename them removing ".bak" part. For example, rename ->
Upgrade to Syslog Watcher 5.1 or later: it allows you to turn the adding ".bak" extension off , so you do not need to rename files.

How to open a backup folder in Syslog Watcher Manager

1. (Optional) 
If you have the Syslog Watcher server installed on the same machine, Syslog Watcher Manager starts in "Manage Local Syslog Watcher" mode.  Click the Open/Connect button to run another instance of Syslog Watcher Manage in the default mode.

2.  Click the Open button and select the backup folder: 

3. The backup folder is opened. You can view, search, and export syslog messages.

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