Syslog Watcher Windows: Install License Key

Window: Install License Key

To install a license key:
  1. Enter your license key in the first field.
  2. Enter the owner of the key in the second field.
  3. Click the Install License button.


Q: Where to get a license key?
      A: You can order it online here:

Q: How to find out the owner of a key?
      A: The owner can be indicated in the license information email. If it is not listed there, use your company name or your personal name.

Q: Can I install the same license key on multiple servers.
      A: No. You need a separate license key for each installation of the Syslog Watcher server.

Q: Can I transfer a license key from one server to another.
      A: Yes. Uninstall it and then install it on another server.
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