Advanced Network Settings

Advanced Network Settings

It's the group of options that manages advanced network settings.

Incoming Buffer

Maximum number of packets in incoming buffer
The icoming buffer contains packets that were received but not processed yet. It helps to handle short-term bursts of traffic. If the buffer is full and Syslog Watcher receives a new syslog packet, then the received packet will be discarded (not processed). Such packets are counted as lost packets.
Maximum size of incoming packets (bytes)
This option specifies the maximum allowed size of incoming syslog packets. Refer to the following two options to set what will happen to packets that are larger than the specified size.
Trim larger packets to maximum size and process
Syslog Watcher will trim the packet to the maximum size and process them. This option is recommended.
Discard larger packets (do not process)
Syslog Watcher will ignore all the syslog packets that are longer than the specified number of bytes (octets).

Incoming TCP Connections

Max number of simultaneous Syslog TCP connections
The option that limits the maximum number of incoming TCP connections for Syslog over TCP transport. 
Divide TCP stream into syslog messages with
Syslog Watcher uses the symbols defined by this option to split the TCP stream of bytes (octets) into separate syslog messages.

Debug Log

Trace all incoming packets to log (for debug purposes only)
Select this option to dump all the incoming packets to Syslog Watcher's own log. Use this option for debugging only, as the server performance will degrade significanly.

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